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Below is a copy of a letter i sent to the operators of the “mini Israel park”

they had run a bit on the news about how they were hiring workers and not firing them, as a model builder I thought I’d apply and WOW I got the interview.
But see what happens below!


After viewing your news report on arutz 2, just over 3 months ago I applied for a position at your park as a model builder.

I sent in pictures along with my CV.

I was interviewed by Chayem and was told that I fit the requirements for the job.

I brought a CD with pictures of some of my work.

He then told me I would have to agree to the pay which I did.

he then told me I would have to meet with the Smankal which I did.

To him I had the job .

He (Chayem)then told me I would have to wait a couple of weeks till he got back in town to let let one man go.

After he returned to the park i called again as he requested and said call again in a couple of weeks due to he still had to let the guy go and hadn’t found the way of doing it yet.

And that not to worry I had the job in principal? his words not mine)

After the couple of weeks passed he said I would have to wait till after the holyday passed and that he had to let a “Girl” go.

then he told me that he needed me to wait till he found the “girl” work somewhere else.

He then told me to call on the 24th of may

I called on the 24th of may and he told me that I started in the morning of the 25th.

about 5 hours later he called me to say SORRY no job for you! we are keeping the “girl”. 


Now for 3 months I was sure I had this job and I was sure that everything would work out for the best.

But it seems that though you are MINI israelthe issues to deal with in your offices are greater in size then the state itself.

I find the practices of hiring as done by Chayem and your park as shady in the least and have told the news team at Arutiz 2 as much.

When you said we are hiring not firing someone wasn’t telling the truth. and to make a person wait 3 months plus is embarrassing not just for me but for your company as well.


I hope that your practices will change in the future and this will be published on my blog along with other sites around Israel on the problems of employment and what to watch out for and which companies should be avoided by olim.



Now what i see here is one thing. the time span  which i spent waiting.  this seems to me to be the period used for  constructing a new project and that the management used this and my app for the job as a somewhat sleazy incentive for the existing employees of the park ie. “get it in on time or we have people to replace you”

nothing said by the park makes me thing otherwise!

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Time to create a new Israeli Government Ministry.


I say that today we create a brand new Govt. Ministry and call it the

“Official Israeli Ministry of Immigrant Disinformation”

This way we can put the Absorption ministry (that couldn’t absorb a coffee spill (Misrad ha kleeta).), The Government employment office, (Liskat ha tazotka)

The Jewish agency, and any other office that deals with “new Immigrants and returning residents” in one building and then BLOW IT UP!

Why so hostel you ask? Well how many lies can a man hear from these offices till he starts to believe these lies himself? I ask you! How many people must ask you that same question before you start asking it of yourself? How many days do you need to be reminded that you gave up a life in one place to find out you don’t have a life here at all?

OK now that you might either be on the same track as I am, or just a little bit confused by this mini rant (Yes it’s a mini). So I’ll explain to you what I go through on a daily basis here in Israel.

In all the government offices mentioned above I get told that I’m too old. YES I’M TOO OLD they say to me over and over again. Wow 52 is too old.  REALLY? You have to be kidding me? No you aren’t? Well let me detail it for you a bit.

When I went to the Kfar Saba office of the “Ministry of Absorption” the woman in charge said to me “You will have a problem finding a job here since you are over 35” (if you could have seen my face) They also like to lie about stuff in this office as well but that’s another story.

In the Employment office they said “We have nothing for you because you are older then what the companies want” (Age discrimination is against the law here as well as elsewhere but here the law has as many teeth as a new born baby). And I have to return to these offices every month to sign, and weekly to look for work.

I’ve gone to a few interviews  and was told by the folks that put me through the ringer many times that I’m exactly what they are looking for except I’m too old.

Hell the lady for the Absorption ministry even told a company that wanted a English speaking Tech that she had one but he was over 50 making me sound like I was in my 70’s to them so they wouldn’t even consider me after the interview even though they said I was the only person to show up with both the background they desired and the perfect English. (I guess I need to get some “JUST FOR MEN” and color the old cotton top!

All these wastes of life tell me “OPEN A COMPANY!”  Errrrrrrr? What?  Open a company? With what money? To which they answer “TAKE OUT A LOAN! OR FIND AN INVESTOR” which makes me roll my eyes and ask “in this messed up economy you want me to risk it all?” and they just sort of agree without voicing it out loud since they are smug and safe till retirement in their “you can’t fire me” offices.


Now how many times can you hear from these same folks that are paid a good wage to help you get your stuff together ask you “why did you leave America? I wouldn’t have” Yet Israel is looking for new immigrants and for the “YORDEM” like me to return. Why?

Well after 8 months it looks like they really don’t care about us as a whole or as a singular, but what they do care about is all that money we bring in.

Yes they actually think that all Americans are multi millionaires! (ROFLMFAO). Too much TV for these guys! Too many stories and lies told by friends and family living overseas scraping to make it each month.


So now you all know why I’m angry,  now it is in the clear,  why I might flip a desk or two the next time I go into one of these offices and hear the same lies and half truths that they are now becoming famous for.

Now I wonder to myself  why did I give up and move back to a country that told me long ago that I was needed but now just doesn’t care enough to really help?

No I’m not going to pack it in so quickly, No I’m not going to find a tall building and a high powered rifle, even though the thought of the second one is tempting. No I’m going to raise a stink ,   and make sure those folks that are going to soon make aliya  or Hozar, that they need to think more than twice before they do anything,  and not just by showing up on that free flight with nefish ba nefish and kissing the tarmac is anything going to be better than it was.

There needs to be a change in these offices, they need to be swept clean of the leaches that infest them and are just worried about their paychecks getting to the bank and not doing their jobs.

At 52 years of age I’m not old. NO I’m not. I might have Grey hair! I might have a slight limp! I might have a paunch in the belly, but I’m not OLD!

I work my backside off, I continue to learn new technologies, I am current in everything around me and am even will to do other jobs then the type I did in the states! And there I was the oldest field tech in my office and had the best record as per everything. Then there is the plus to my age. I’m not going to be called up all the time for reserves anymore, I’m not going to be looking for other jobs cause I’d be happy with whatever I get. And I have experience not only with working but with people. I know life!


So there is the rant!  There is the anger

Now as a minister what you going to do about it?



This will be posted in an open BLOG


Robert Goldman



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