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Below is a copy of a letter i sent to the operators of the “mini Israel park”

they had run a bit on the news about how they were hiring workers and not firing them, as a model builder I thought I’d apply and WOW I got the interview.
But see what happens below!


After viewing your news report on arutz 2, just over 3 months ago I applied for a position at your park as a model builder.

I sent in pictures along with my CV.

I was interviewed by Chayem and was told that I fit the requirements for the job.

I brought a CD with pictures of some of my work.

He then told me I would have to agree to the pay which I did.

he then told me I would have to meet with the Smankal which I did.

To him I had the job .

He (Chayem)then told me I would have to wait a couple of weeks till he got back in town to let let one man go.

After he returned to the park i called again as he requested and said call again in a couple of weeks due to he still had to let the guy go and hadn’t found the way of doing it yet.

And that not to worry I had the job in principal? his words not mine)

After the couple of weeks passed he said I would have to wait till after the holyday passed and that he had to let a “Girl” go.

then he told me that he needed me to wait till he found the “girl” work somewhere else.

He then told me to call on the 24th of may

I called on the 24th of may and he told me that I started in the morning of the 25th.

about 5 hours later he called me to say SORRY no job for you! we are keeping the “girl”. 


Now for 3 months I was sure I had this job and I was sure that everything would work out for the best.

But it seems that though you are MINI israelthe issues to deal with in your offices are greater in size then the state itself.

I find the practices of hiring as done by Chayem and your park as shady in the least and have told the news team at Arutiz 2 as much.

When you said we are hiring not firing someone wasn’t telling the truth. and to make a person wait 3 months plus is embarrassing not just for me but for your company as well.


I hope that your practices will change in the future and this will be published on my blog along with other sites around Israel on the problems of employment and what to watch out for and which companies should be avoided by olim.



Now what i see here is one thing. the time span  which i spent waiting.  this seems to me to be the period used for  constructing a new project and that the management used this and my app for the job as a somewhat sleazy incentive for the existing employees of the park ie. “get it in on time or we have people to replace you”

nothing said by the park makes me thing otherwise!


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