They are all over the place……..

The Nutters have come out of the woodwork!

Looks like the asylums doors were swung open on the public the last few days cause the crayon brandishing cut and paste crowd are out in force!

Seems that every sycophant miscreant neo Nazi terrorist loving fool with access to the internet has posted what they call blogs  ,,

Well I’ll just laugh my ass off.

Mostly I’ll laugh art those that quote Iranian press releases and Hamas statements as fact.  This is some funny stuff.

I love how the Iranians are now admitting there was a holocaust against the Jews during WWII where just a short while ago they were demanding that it was fiction!

I love how the chicken shits who call themselves the leaders of Hamas came out of their protected shelters to declare VICTORY over Israel even though they lost most of what they controlled including the Palestinian popular vote!

The next groups who get a face full of laughter are the Boycott brigade! These simple minded ass klowns   have neither the backbone nor the knowledge to perform the boycott they demand of everyone else, 

I’m also amazed at the lack of truth to their lists of companies they want to boycott…  the one that sticks out the most with me since I’m a lover of her products is “SARAH LEE” (When in the states she is on my plates) this company whom we might blame for our expanding waistlines does no business in or with israel.

So why are they on the boycott list?

And why are so many companies that do business with Israel not on the list?  Is it because the list makers don’t want to stop driving their cars? Motorcycles? Mopeds?

Is it because those Jeans they just bought are also big sellers here?

 These guys need to either step up to the plate or just fuck off the game cause no matter what they say they will never carry it out.


The next group is the Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bad Jews. You hit back group!

You don’t get a laugh you get a kick in the head for being so stupid that you give your parents a headache every time you walk into the room with that pointed hat on!

The next ones are the guys that act as if they know everything about the military yet have never ever served due to the fact they either can’t due to medical/mental reasons or they are just plain CS’rs who won’t leave moms basement except to head off to chucky cheese’s for the special.

All the Gaza experts that have never been in the city let alone out of their own who try to tell everyone how it should be fair and balanced? LOL you know nothing of it, nothing at all

UNICEF funds schools in Gaza that teach children the art of war, not life skills… Hamas runs camps where the game is KILL the JEW!! And has classes in RPG 101 and IED 202…   But you only scream at us JEWS for defending ourselves…..  You don’t condemn Hamas for turning their city into one big arms dump! You don’t condemn HAMAs for letting the farms that Israel left them to go fallow…

You are  the simplest of them all the one brain cell nit wits that flood the internet with stupidity and hate for no reason  except it might get you a shot at that freaky chick down the hall that hasn’t shaved her legs in 18 years but then you so horny you couldn’t care, most of you are the same type to protest for PETA then head off to McDeaths for a grease burger


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One response to “They are all over the place……..

  1. malc

    POWER BLOG!!!!!..LOVE IT!!!
    Thank f**k someone has the balls to say it how it have hit the nail on the head without doubt.

    keep `em coming…


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