Who is breaking international law?

Guess who?

Suprise. it’s not Israel.

Here’s another one.

Again not israel.

Now  the question. Why aren’t you screaming bloody fucking murder at Hamas?



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2 responses to “Who is breaking international law?

  1. Adam

    Before even discussing the arguments these videos present, I think it is worth observing that you are using propaganda videos from an attacking army about the people they are attacking. We would rightly not take seriously any video put out by Hamas about violations of the laws of war by Israel. Instead we would look to as close to a neutral body as possible to see what is really happening. For example, there are any number of independent human rights organizations, such Human Rights Watch, Physicians for Human Rights, Amnesty International, etc.

  2. Well you forgot to read my bio. I am on that side, I am a former member of the military Govt that ran Gaza for years.I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’ve had
    fatmas thank me one second for saving their baby and the next telling the press I tried to eat it.

    The funny thing is this the people that took these vids are/were residents of Gaza. (Most likely they are no longer alive because of these films) and you will note that these aren’t your staged scripted ones that come from the sorces that spoon feed you their lies on a big daily,
    how about the UN admitting to the employment of Terrorists? you up on that one yet ofr has that been kept from you so you don’t run into traffic?

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