So you want to boycott Israeli goods?

I’ve seen tons of E Mails, Blog postings and others group postings in places like facebook and myspace calling for the boycott of Israeli goods etc.

I have to laugh each and every time i see this  because the unknowing that do this post don’t even know what they are talking about.

an example  of this is.

They use a pc/laptop with Intel inside. (intel has it’s major RnD labs in Israel along with a few very large factories. so does Microsoft, IBM etc so for a real boycott . get off your computers….

No? then watch this


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One response to “So you want to boycott Israeli goods?

  1. This will make your pointed heads spin .
    ok to do your boycott of Israel you now need to
    1. throw out your PC/laptop due to intel inside/microsoft/IBM etc.
    2. throw out that israeli invented cell phone
    3 go back to painting on cave walls moron!

    You just have to laugh every time they scream BOYCOTT!
    I’d love to meet someone who can actually follow through.

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