To all my Fans and those that also wish me dead. please read on

I’m sometimes doing that deer in the headlights thing when I read all these anti Israeli/anti Jewish anti, anti Blogs around here. But then I take a close look at them and see that 99.9999% of them are posted by “CUT AND PASTE” Ass klowns… A “CnP” is someone that goes to his favorite virulent web site and  copies his/her/it’s newest piece of trash and posts it on his blog as if it was G-ds words spoken to him/her/it on the mountain side and that by their actions they are saving the world from us filthy Jewz.

I love it,   I actually love it. Why? Because it shows, a weakness of mind. It shows that there are actually only a few of them that actually have a free thought in their sylph addled brains. It shows that the idiots will follow if the words are sweet to their ears and like the lemmings they are they follow. (Anyone know the closest cliff?)

So in my daily travels through the sewers to see if anyone has posted anything original I continue to see without source

Witnesses claim….   Witnesses confirm……  UN says witnesses told them……….. I find this group of posters the most creative but also the most see through as they can’t back up one word of it.

I’ve also found the type that will attack your spelling in comments rather than the content saying that your lack of spelling skills   in their little minds makes what you say a pile of crap. (Put a spell checker in the comments section please) As I speak two languages, a drop in grammar/spelling now and then is nothing compared to the refusal to look at the content. This friends is a true weakness of mind. And of material.  To yell BAD SPELLING!! And ignore the message is to admit defeat!

(Example. They don’t attack me here. Because I have a spell checker in place). I’d love to hear from them but they tend to be to chicken shit to do so.

Also those that might tend to hide who they really are; this is also true of 99% of the “I HATE ISRAEL” posters. They hide their names so they can continue to live in their moms basements suck the bong, eat cheetos and wonder why their collective willies turned orange.

As you see here my name shows up in the author’s area. I’m not hiding from anyone. And why should I? None of these ass Klowns is ever going to visit me in Kfar Saba anyway.




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