See the truth.

See how Hamas uses a school yard as a launch site,

No wonder their kids get hurt if they launch from a school yard?

The UN  tries to blame israel  for this one but we know that the good folks at the UN side with terrorists  since they allowed Hamas to use their school  as a mortar pit


Hamas says we are at war with Islam, yet they themselves desacrate  Mosques by turning them into weapons dumps…

well this vid shows what happens to such places,

Now if this holy place was not filled with explosives  there wouldn’t be any secondary explosions, But there were,, HAMAS it’self is against Islam by doing such things not Israel

These are the facts.  the crap you hear from the supporters of Hamas is just that CRAP

they hide behiond women and children, and you scream when the Israelis fight back

they send rockets into my country trying and hiting non combatants yet you scream that we are the Nazis.

you people need to get your meds upped big time.


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