Seems they are taking over South Florida as well

Glad I left! seems the same folks that aided and abeted the boys that brought you 9-11 are taking to the streets.

watch and learn


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One response to “Seems they are taking over South Florida as well

  1. malc

    This just about says it all…its ironic that the guy preaches the beauty of Islam, yet the supporters there make comments like “what you need is a big oven” and making reference to the American passers by as cowards etc..all done in a very threatening and abusive way. When will these do-gooders who preach acceptance, tolerance and respect really take a good look at those that they are trying to represent and realise that the behaviour they parade is little short of what you may find in a kindergarten plyaground.
    I could post a long reply here but i will guarantee that it will be viewed as prejudiced and i would be labelled as some sort of redneck.
    Keep up the good work Rob!!! And Israel keep up your defence against terrorism..
    I try to imagine if a country near to us fired rockets at us for a prolonged period, how long it would be before a military response was actioned…hours rather than days methinks!!

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