The U.N. spoke and so has HAMAS!

The U.N. spoke and so has HAMAS!

Last night the Security Council decided on t cease fire plan.


And HAMAS made their statement by firing over 20 rockets into Israel at the time of my writing this.

HAMAS makes their reply to the U.N. Cease fire click here to read it

This really makes one wonder what the F? I really mean it WTF?  Here we have a cease fire plan and the answer to it is to open fire. Hmmmmmmm? Am I brain dead here? I’m sure I’m not but then I come from a culture that doesn’t play “SANDBAG” as a child!

“SANDBAG”? You ask! WTF is “SANDBAG”? I’ve never heard of this game before!

Oh yes you have.  You just don’t know it the way I know it. So I’ll explain it to you here.

The game of “SANDBAG” gets played in the Palestinian controlled areas, it is played mostly by children but often enough a few older folks join it either by choice, or as many refuse to admit, they are forced to join in on the game.

How the game is played.

1.  Don’t go to school or work.

2.  Hang out on the street because your mom and dad aren’t going to stop you.

3.  Find an armed terrorist.

4.  Hang out with him or her for a few hours

5.  At this terrorists command start throwing rocks, bottles and other nasty stuff at the police and or soldiers in the area.

6.  Keep a tight ring around the terrorist so he or she can’t be seen by the soldiers or cops.

7.  When he opens fire on the troops stay still don’t run.

8.  Get hit by bullets that are fired in return, don’t move cause the point of this game is to die protecting the terrorist, if the terrorist gets killed your team loses the game.

9.  Gain more points  for the most sandbags hit by the return fire and bonus points for the most press photographers on the scene as you get shot up for being a live sniper pit.

This game has been played for years,



While I worked in GAZA during the first INTAFADA I saw the makings of this game. I often asked the parents of the kids playing it “WTF?” and their answers were

“They refuse to go to school”


“HAMAS closed the school and demanded that I let the kids out to play with them”.

OK I ask all of you, if you heard “Hi Mrs. Smith, Can Jimmy come out to play?” from a terrorist what would you do?




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One response to “The U.N. spoke and so has HAMAS!

  1. malc

    Cowards that use children as a shield, how low can some people scoop…shows the world what these evil terrorists are really like

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