I woke up this morning a little later than usual, seems that those miles I put on yesterday walking around Tel Aviv taking pictures took its toll on me.

Coffee. Dog walk……  News playing in the background.  Wait something different coming over, the news readers voice has gone up a pitch or two, and he is showing a bit more excitement,   Blurred head still not hearing everything he is saying,,,, WHAT” the coffee is clearing the mud out of the neural pathways,,, CRAP! Katyusha rockets hit northern Israel!  OH BOY HERE WE GO!

Phone call to Army daughter, she is just getting the news herself…  she says everything is cool; I’ll accept that from my personal expert on the subject of the IDF for the time being.


Attacks from the north, (Lebanon)  from the allies of Hamas, them fun loving  mushroom heads at Hezbollah have sent us a message of 3 Katyusha rockets into the coastal town of Nahariya, a lovely boarder town/city (that all depends on your view of it in my mind)  a couple of wounded and a lot of noise that they might have been expecting, (Hezbollah has been rattling the bars of their cage in that monkey house called Lebanon since before we moved on their brothers in Gaza)

So what does this mean for us over here?

Well it means that we were right in calling out extra reservists and sending them north to protect the border for one thing. And it also means that we are now going to have to absorb folks from the northern areas down here in the center of the country if this thing goes RED.!

Now as I’m typing this 2 more rockets came in from the north, and the stuff flying out of Gaza is at about 5,

Looks like I’m just going to stay in Kfar Saba today and not head out like planned….


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