Operation “CAST LEAD” though my eyes Part 1

The following are E Mails i sent out to friends and family that were all jamming my inbox and phone with crazy questions etc. so i started writing them on a daily and explained to them things that they haven’t seen on CNN, Fox, Sky news or any other English speaking News outlet (or Toilet depending) so i’m now going to share with the public  a lot of pvt stuff about this war.

Its day 2 and I’m wide awake!

The sounds of fighter aircraft and helicopters fill the air. This isn’t a sound you often hear in the Kfar Saba Area! You might get a fly over here and there but never a constant droning or roar like we have been hearing since yesterday.

You all have seen what is going on by now unless you are living under a rock or in a cardboard box. (I’ve seen dishes on rocks but on a box?). So I don’t need to go into details on what the hell is happening over here right now. I’ll just put it into perspective for those that are being spoon fed some sort of hack news form one of those “The Israelis are being BAD” News agencies…

1 Hamas and a few other terror groups that work in Gaza decided to start shooting more missiles into Israel.

2 Hamas and the others didn’t heed the warning signs.

3 The shit got served in less than 10 minutes by the IAF.

Now if you need any more clarification on this please feel free to ask me. 😉

Now let me state that me and my family are nowhere near the area of fighting or the area where the “Kassaam” and or GRAD missiles are falling, we even moved my mother in law in with us for awhile since some of the stuff that Hamas launched ended up in the town of Kyrat Gat. It’s funny that they would want to target that place  … (I used to live there back in the early 80’s while in the army)

The mom in law came to us on Thursday night and well we didn’t know there was going to be any action in the south. We figured on a quiet weekend and well “GUESS WHAT” happened and now we will keep here with us till all quiets down in her area. (We have an extra room for now, plus she is a killer cook and you all know how much I like food.)

Today’s news is showing quiet,,,, the army has moved in with force…..  I’m sort of missing the reserves but then so are all the other guys my age except for a few nutters like my bud Uzi, and my friend Migdal. Who for the life of me will continue to serve till there is no serving left in them?  I miss it.  And I don’t. There is something about the green that draws you to it on a daily, yet there is also something about making it through to the age where they say “Enough! You are no longer needed let the young ones take your place” and with that sweet sting you are sent home to watch it on the news and to debate on how we did it in the olden days. And hey kid let me tell you about  ………… CRAP! I’m not too old, but yes the injuries I got while working at dish sort of put that out of reach even if I could get back in to my unit….. Ahhhhh the curses I just spewed..  Felt good like a long warm fart under the covers and it’s WARM. But then it goes away only leaving the smell.

Damn it……

OH, well, I’ll get over it!


Just remember that Kfar Saba is 120 Km from the action



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