Operation “Cast Lead” Part5

Day 7 of “Operation cast Lead”


A couple of ironies have happened in the past 24 hours of the operation, the first one was reported in the world press is this.

JABALIYA, Gaza Strip (AFP) – The day before a powerful blast sent his headless body flying out of his Gaza home on Thursday, senior Hamas leader Nizar Rayan predicted that the Islamist movement would defeat Israel.

“God willing, Hamas will win,” Rayan said in a vitriol-laden speech that the movement’s television broadcast just after he, his four wives and 10 of his children were killed in the Israeli blitz of the Gaza Strip on Thursday.

I find counting your chickens before they hatched fits this one. . Do this and you can actually lose your head.

The second one which was reported in the Jerusalem Post this morning was,

Roseanne Barr: Israel is a ‘Nazi state’

Jan. 2, 2009

Former television star Roseanne Barr has denounced Israel’s military campaign against Hamas in Gaza, labeling Israel a “Nazi state.”

In a post on her personal blog, which appears at her Web site, Roseanne World, the comedienne, who is Jewish, wrote on December 30 that she had planned to travel with pro-Palestinian activists on a protest boat sailing from Cyprus to Gaza.

After an encounter with an Israel Navy vessel, the boat was turned back and sailed into a Lebanese port on Tuesday.

“I said Israel will attack any boat carrying doctors and medical supplies,” Barr wrote on her blog, adding that, “Israel is a NAZI state. The Jewish Soul is being tortured in Israel.”

The Emmy-award winning actress, who has courted controversy in the past, also condemned Israel’s counter-terror operation against Hamas, asserting that, “The destruction of the Jews in Israel has been assured with this inhuman attack on civilians in Gaza.”

In her post, Barr likened Hamas to “street gangs” in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts, saying that Israel’s military campaign is the “equivalent to Los Angeles attacking and launching war on the people of Watts to kill ‘the Bloods’ and ‘the Crips.'”

Barr’s comments were revealed by the Newsbusters Web site, which is a project of the conservative media watchdog group, the Media Research Center. 

What strikes me here is that last week they ran her “COMEBACK” stand up show on the local TV. And within 10 minutes of the start 99% of Israelis that were watching it had either changed the channel, turned off the TV and went to bed or sat there wishing a Hamas suicide bomber would take them to their graves as this fat whale flopped like a hooked mullet on stage, So it seems to me she heard the reviews  and is countering with “NAZI STATE” well my talentless fat bitch,  seems your insanity has once again come to  the surface (Took awhile to come through all those layers of fat).

I’ve heard from a few folks that said to me the “This was the funniest thing she has ever said” and I tend to agree with them on the facts!

The third and final irony is this.

Hamas has been storing weapons inside and under Mosques in Gaza. This has made these weapons stores legitimate targets. Now after the IAF flattened a couple of these weapons stores/Mosques complexes the surviving Hamas big wigs have put out a statement to the world press stating that “Israel is targeting Islam by bombing Mosques” well most of the people of the world who even have a quarter of a functioning brain in their heads are shocked at this statement because Hamas themselves targeted Islam by storing weapons within these holy places making them unholy in the eyes of Islam. Israel doesn’t target houses of worship. They target weapons storehouses.  So if you hide your grads under a Mosque, Hospital, School, Gym, or even a Brothel, you turn these places into legitimate targets as per the articles of war.

Hopefully this weekend will bring us other crap to laugh about.

Stay safe.





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