Operation “CAST LEAD” Part 7

Day 10 of “Operation Cast Lead”


Today is as confusing as the last 9 days to most of us.

It seems that we were never civilians. Well at least to HAMAS we weren’t, because today their leader (Mr. Hide in the basement while your constituents get pounded) Mahmoud al-Zahar got on TV and urged his organization’s fighters to ‘crush’ Israeli forces who have invaded territory, hints they will try to target civilians and Israeli targets elsewhere.

This means he is trying to say that all the time they were tossing Kassams and GRADs into Israel they were attacking Military targets! To this I can only say “BULLSHIT”

He said Israelis “legitimized the killing of their people all over the world when they killed our people.”

 Which from me he gets“BULLSHIT”

Hamas has been targeting the Israel civilian from the very beginning.  They have rocketed civilian cities and towns for over 8 years and now he tries to say that they are only now going to start?

I do not see this as a religious issue but more of a sanity issue and them/him being the insane.


I feel that these terrorists have issues with reality because they tend to live in the 1200’s and not in the Now! The continued pollution of brain cells and the bastardization of Islam have just done too much for them to recover,

I was reading on an Islamic message board that many think we have been occupying Gaza for 60 years; I almost shot one out my nose.  This came from an Egyptian man and I felt he couldn’t be serious? He just can’t be, oh but he was…  so I straightened it out, explaining to them all that until 1967’s 6 day war Gaza was in the hands of the Egyptians. And that only after did Israel take over, and well we have been completely out of the strip for a few years now, (Egypt never wanted Gaza back and when they were confronted with this during the TABA negotiations they laughed and said “NO FREAKING WAY”

When Israel took Gaza from the Egyptians there was massive unemployment to which Israelis answer was to give them jobs within Israel.

Also there were massive health issues which the Egyptians never addressed but the Israelis did with the help of the UN.

Education was so low 98% couldn’t read. Well the educational levers increased tremendously.

Open markets? They hadn’t had one in years but once Israel took control of the strip Israelis poured in to trade with the people of the strip! WHY? It was TAX FREE! My former kibbutz used to by furniture and electronics there and they in turn used to come to the kibbutz and purchase cattle and other things,

But then they shot themselves in the foot. The first Intifada.  Whoops where are the shoppers? They went elsewhere! Where are the teachers? Your terrorist thugs either closed the schools or/and or killed teacher…

I could go on for years with this posting the facts for you but then you would just say BLAH BLAH BLAH as I spoon feed you.  Just know this. The press is biased; CNN is biased to the max.








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