Operation “CAST LEAD” Part 4

Day 6 of “Operation Cast Lead”


A few of you have asked me how things are done here, with questions that are sometimes funnier then shit and other times so profound that it takes me a couple of days to figure it out in a way I can explain it to anyone, the last question I got was about the targets chosen by the IDF for attacks,

Well here it comes in a way I hope is educational and enjoyable to you all.


Here in Israel we have a few intelligence groups that pride themselves in getting the work done,   and this time around the Intel groups and the military got their shit into one basket and got it 100%.

Seems they not only got the locations of where stuff was stored but they also got the phone numbers of the people who live in the homes where the stuff has been squirreled away,  so he is a re-enactment of what happened during the past 6 days,




Hello. Is this Achmeed Q public?


Well Good morning achmeed! How you doing today?

Errrrrrrrrr Fine.  Ahhhhhhh who’s this?

Well Achmeed, this is Col. Avi of the IDF. Sorry to disturb you this morning but we need to talk!

Whet do we need to talk about Col. Avi?

Well Achmeed, it has come to our attention that you have a nice sized collection of GRADS, Kassams, and RPG’s in your sub basement. Is that true?

Yes this is true Col. Avi. But how did you know?

Well Achmeed. It really doesn’t matter how we know, but what is important is this, if you want to live we are giving you 10 minutes to get the hell out of your house  and getting as far away as you can so that you don’t get your ass blown off!

10 minutes?

Well it was 10 minutes, now its 9 minutes and 25 seconds.




And exactly 9 min 25 sec later BOOM!!!!


This has been happening for the last few days, but today some ass klown decided to hang up the phone, take everyone up on the roof to give the IAF the finger and well they all go boom!!


Funny how stupid some folks are just to get their dumb asses on the news!


Have a great weekend,,  


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