Operation “CAST LEAD” part 3

Day 5 of “Operation Cast Lead”

Waking up this morning only to the sound of rain on the windows, and my daughter asking me if I’ll drive her to the train station so she can get to base on time and dry.  Funny I’m not hearing the usual aircraft (well it’s been usual for the past 4 days). Must be something going on.  So I read the news, “NO TOO TRUCE” ok so that’s not it….. Maybe they are letting in more humanitarian aid? Yes, that’s got to be is cause more missiles were just launched out of the “Strip”! Oh you foxy little bastards, we pull back to let food and supplies in and you use the lull to shot at us? Well what if we just say screw you and lock it down for a week or more and don’t stop plastering your launch sites and weapons stores? Will you get it then? Somehow I doubt that they are getting it at all.

Last night I was interviewed on the “NEIL ROGERS SHOW” (www.neilrogers.com) by the very amiable Jorge Rodriguez who is sitting in for Neil while he is on one of his now famous vacations. (G-d this guy has such a deal with WQAM its amazing) Jorge and I are friends from way back when Neil was on WIOD in Miami with my old buds “Rick and Suds” and many other greats. We talked about the situation here and what the root causes were, Jorge put it right out there that HAMAS broke the truce and provoked the actions taken by Israel and condemned them openly… This is a first for Jorge but it seems like it won’t be a last,   as we discussed the issues we also joked around a bit  as friends would do and I actually forgot I was on the air (No I didn’t drop an F bomb) so it was just a couple of friend shooting the shit for about 10 minute and it wasn’t one of those scripted interviews  that you see and hear on CNN (Cable Nazi News) where that ask fatma a question and she starts reading a script as her friends start screaming in the background etc.   There was no agenda. There were just straight questions and answers, Hell Jorge even was curious about my weight loss due to no intake of that dreaded “CORN SYURP”  which is a major cause to folks like me being FAT!! But since I’ve been in a country where there is hardly any of it to be found I’ve dropped over 30 kg.

I was glad to get an IM from Jorge after the call that I had done ok with it and I told him I hope it didn’t affect the ratings or cause people to run out in traffic so they didn’t have to hear it… 😉

So now we have a full on day 5 ahead of us! What the hell is going on out there today I wonder.  What towns are going to find out that they are in fact within range of these missiles like Beer Sheva found out last night, (Oh how those people laughed when they were told they could come under fire from GAZA, oh how they called the powers that knew “STUPID”. now I wonder if they are now figuring out it is time to clean out the bomb shelters and safe rooms so long neglected and have started to take this shit seriously..

I know we have,  


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