Operation “CAST LEAD” part 2

Day 4 of “Operation Cast Lead”

We are still hearing jets and choppers flying over at all hours of the day and night.  The only time you don’t hear them is when the IDF opens the gates to Gaza to let in humanitarian aid and then you hear the rockets coming from Gaza into Israel (Hamas learned real quick)

They have hit targets in the 40 Km range now so they are using the Russian made GRAD Missiles now and less of the home made KASSAMS and mortar shells. (We took out most of the machine shops that made them) The GRADS are going to be less and less in my mind since the drones are picking up the transport trucks and the IAF is taking them out along with the crews. (Hence the growing body counts on their side)

On our side of things,  we have had a few deaths from the attacks Hamas has made,    on the first day a guy thought it better to stay where he was and the thing hit his house,  yesterday a young Israeli Arab working in a construction site  was hit while trying to take shelter,  14 of his friends were also wounded, (All Arab which is IRONIC) later on an Israeli Soldier died in an attack and he was of the Druze sect (also Muslim) then last night a woman was driving , heard the alarm , left her car as instructed and while taking cover was hit by a Grad… (A cruel roll of the dice).

Our phone bills are going to go through the freaking roofs as we call , SMS, and talk to our family and friends all over the affected areas, 

My mother in law is still up here, at one of my sister in laws place till she returns to us tomorrow.  Another of my sister in laws. (OK I’ve got 7 of them) is also up here with her daughter as their city is under constant rocket fire now.  So is my mother in laws town.  Well at least we have room for them since Netta got married and moved….. Sarah got a bug up her backside and cleared out or safe room, she made tons of room in there, Roxy is like WOW I’ve got my own room now! And it even has an armored shutter and a vault door,,,, (If they can wing the rockets 120 km we at least have a place that will take it and a few mattresses on the floor and we are cool)

I’m still slightly pissed that I’m out of this one, but once I go outside and feel the cold wet air  I’m willing to sit this one out at least till spring;-).

Many of you think it is always hot over here, well surprise, we have a winter, and it gets freaking cold (I could go for a stronger word but will hold off till later in the season) it is also the rainy season and you know I’m feeling it in the knee shoulder neck and back like some evil devils with pitchforks poking me 24/7.. I’m wearing sweaters in the house, and wishing I could find way to hug the sun for just one hour;-)

There is snow in the north; there is mud in the south, and who ever thought they knew how to build a house over here is f’d in the brain. They never put insulation in the buildings…..  Nothing, so we waste energy cooling and heating, you would think as a people we are cheap, but here they prove that myth a myth.

(Good one a subtle Jewish joke)

Take care! Stay in touch….



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