Below is a copy of a letter i sent to the operators of the “mini Israel park”

they had run a bit on the news about how they were hiring workers and not firing them, as a model builder I thought I’d apply and WOW I got the interview.
But see what happens below!


After viewing your news report on arutz 2, just over 3 months ago I applied for a position at your park as a model builder.

I sent in pictures along with my CV.

I was interviewed by Chayem and was told that I fit the requirements for the job.

I brought a CD with pictures of some of my work.

He then told me I would have to agree to the pay which I did.

he then told me I would have to meet with the Smankal which I did.

To him I had the job .

He (Chayem)then told me I would have to wait a couple of weeks till he got back in town to let let one man go.

After he returned to the park i called again as he requested and said call again in a couple of weeks due to he still had to let the guy go and hadn’t found the way of doing it yet.

And that not to worry I had the job in principal? his words not mine)

After the couple of weeks passed he said I would have to wait till after the holyday passed and that he had to let a “Girl” go.

then he told me that he needed me to wait till he found the “girl” work somewhere else.

He then told me to call on the 24th of may

I called on the 24th of may and he told me that I started in the morning of the 25th.

about 5 hours later he called me to say SORRY no job for you! we are keeping the “girl”. 


Now for 3 months I was sure I had this job and I was sure that everything would work out for the best.

But it seems that though you are MINI israelthe issues to deal with in your offices are greater in size then the state itself.

I find the practices of hiring as done by Chayem and your park as shady in the least and have told the news team at Arutiz 2 as much.

When you said we are hiring not firing someone wasn’t telling the truth. and to make a person wait 3 months plus is embarrassing not just for me but for your company as well.


I hope that your practices will change in the future and this will be published on my blog along with other sites around Israel on the problems of employment and what to watch out for and which companies should be avoided by olim.



Now what i see here is one thing. the time span  which i spent waiting.  this seems to me to be the period used for  constructing a new project and that the management used this and my app for the job as a somewhat sleazy incentive for the existing employees of the park ie. “get it in on time or we have people to replace you”

nothing said by the park makes me thing otherwise!


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We Remember

At exactly 1100hrs. Today the sirens once again sounded. This time, for two minutes our lives stopped. We stood at attention, at ease, and just bowed our collective heads in remembrance to our fallen loved ones, friends, and brothers in arms. Our lives stopped. Like those we miss so dearly. We remember their faces, their laughter and even their tears. We feel the loss of these people so much that as a whole the country stops in its tracks! I saw people stopping their cars in the middle of an intersection and getting out of the car to stand in memory of someone. Everyone in Israel feels a loss everyone knew someone who is no longer with us. Someone who either left us in the heat of battle or someone who was a victim of terror. The whole of the country is touched. The whole of the country hurts. As a country we stood in honor. We stand in honor, we stand always to remember. Our memories are strong. Israel remembers its 22,570 fallen

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Been away from my desk!

OK. So, I’ve been lax in posting for awhile, but each of us needs to take a breather now and then from all our little side activities. And well once “operation cast lead” ended I figured I’d let the dust settle and go out and just take pictures for awhile! While I’ve been away from my desk I’ve noticed that Egypt has taken the smuggling tunnels to task and they are actually closing a lot of them. I’ve also noticed that turkey is still pounding away at the Kurds in Iraq. And I saw the joke that is DURBAN II come and go like a SBD fart. I saw The Idiot of Iran actually make a fool of himself at Durban by performing his version of Adolf Shitler on ice and proving to everyone that the spirit of hate lives on in Iran. I’ve stood in fields of wild poppies in southern Israel while in full bloom and saw that even in a world full of hate that there is beauty to be seen if only you would open your eyes. I spent many hours in these fields enjoying what nature gave. I also found some new archeological sites that I’d never been to. Since returning to Israel I see that they have been very busy in some areas and digging up all sorts of places that I’d walked over never knowing there was a Roman theater or Crusader church under foot. The history folder in my lap top is almost as full as my research folder and because of this I’m going to head out and buy a external terabit hard disk to store the thousands of pics I’ve taken in the time I’ve been away from here. No worries kids, I’ll be back as soon as the weather gets too hot and the politics get too dirty…

wild poppies near bet guvrin

wild poppies near bet guvrin


in the middle of the poppies you find this!

in the middle of the poppies you find this!



Hope you like them !

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Arab on Arab . Hamas’s hit list is out!

read the truth about hamas and it’s crimes against it’s own people

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I thought I’d put some  of my pics up here for a short change of pace




This just hit me as I walked around town one day and it just said take me.;-)


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So you want to tell me that the UN didn’t know this?

seems there is big trouble in the UN these days and guess what? it isn’t Israel…

turns out it’s one of their own little groups that works in GAZA….

don’t beleive me? well how about one of their own?

Read on kiddies

Report: UNRWA pays terrorists

In sharply worded report, former legal advisor to UN agency says group must redefine oxymoronic labeling of Palestinians with Jordanian, Lebanese citizenship as refugees
Yitzhak Benhorin


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Gaza’s death dancers

They dance the dance of DEATH.

 Gaza has been so taken out of context by most people. I’ll back that up so no worries. Most people think of Gaza as a poor starving area with no hope. Well in many ways they are correct. BUT they blame it on Israel, Zionism, and Jews in general, and any other fragment of whatever string they are trying to tie to all of us living over here. Well folks it isn’t Israel’s or any others on your list that are at fault. The ones at fault are the Gazan’s themselves! Yes. Their fault. Not ours. When Israel captured Gaza from Egypt in 1967 we actually opened the border and allowed Gazans to come into Israel and work. Yes we gave them jobs. Pay. Income….. But that had an adverse effect on many in Gaza as those that worked in Israel, those that started improving their lives and the lives of their families and others were all of a sudden targeted by extremists who told them “either quit your job in Israel or DIE” well many quit. And many others died. Israel got involved and cleared out as much of this Arab on Arab terror as they could and more and more people came into Israel to find and get work. Life seemed to pick up in Gaza. Schools were built where none had existed; clinics went up where none had ever stood. Stores opened, trade started. Trade with Israelis started to happen big time. Trade with the Israelis was good for the folks of Gaza due to the fact that they had a tax free system so Israelis flooded in to their markets all the time to buy and buy cheaply. And then there was the reverse, Gazans bought in Israel. They purchased things that they had never owed before and also got it cheaply. (A kibbutz I lived on used to make good living trading cattle with the meat markets of Gaza and it was profitable for all. Hell it was better to sell the cattle to them then to the Israeli meat packers due to the taxation issues). But all the time things seemed good in Gaza the dance of death was being played. The players of the song were small groups of people with so much hate in their hearts that it is a wonder that they didn’t burst into flames with every beat of their dark hearts. These groups of haters would do things to ruin the status quoi over and over again be it a grenade attack during market day, a stabbing of an Israeli shopper, or any other fast and cowardly attack that would result in the closing of the markets for a few weeks till some sort of order was restored and it was safe once again to open shop and do business. Over the years these groups took on names. Jihad Islamite. Hamas, then PLO. The PLPF. Each one with its own agenda but each one wanting the destruction of the Jews and Israel. Each of them had a different charter but each charter had the same thing in it. DEATH TO ISRAEL. DEATH TO THE JEWS! I experienced Hamas in its infancy. I was there on the ground in Gaza for over 2 and half years. I saw how they grew out of a small block of houses like a cancer to spread out and ruin the people of the strip. I saw how a quiet neighborhood would be turned into a place where not even an Arab resident would want to venture. I saw the tactics used by Hamas to get people to join, “Join or DIE” was the most widely used in the early days. And die many did. But then others started to join in fear of their family’s lives. The lives of their women were at stake, rape and valance waited for every woman, girl, teen, child of a male that refused to join. Many will still tell of how Hamas member raped and killed their women folk in front of them till they agreed to join and support the group. So fear and the song of death took over the dance floor and it started to play louder and louder. Israel tried to stop the band from playing. The music just kept pounding out like that boom box from hell that you just can’t drown out. The intifada killed off the trade with Gaza. Israelis stopped coming. The players of the death song grew stronger as the money got tighter. The death players started handing out food and what they called an Islamic education to the dancers. And grew stronger as the will grew weaker, With the renewed violence less and less came to Israel to work, and many of the workers who were coming over the line were now not only working but attacking deep inside of Israel . Not so much as to attack but to get the gates closed so that they could keep the Gazans inside the strip and control them. Control. Like a puppeteer. The strings extra strong…. The lines extra tight. A new order of fear takes over and makes life a living hell for the regular folks trying to eak out a life… but then Hamas opens more schools and summer camps. “Hey son what did you learn in school today? Hey dad I learned how to field strip and fire an AK-47” “Daughter? What did you learn today? Well father I learned how to make a bomb vest and how to kill Israelis”…… Thank you UNICEF! Thank you UMRA. We pulled out of Gaza a while back. We destroyed the settlements but we left the farms and hot houses so that the people of Gaza could flourish on their own. These hot houses produced tons and tons of the best fruits and veggies ever but once we left them to their own these areas have been left fallow. The hot houses neglected are now falling down and in need of millions to repair them. And the only digging to have been done there since the Israeli pullout has been that of tunnels into Israel used to kidnap people on the other side of the fence. We pulled out, we left them. We quit….. But they didn’t. The continued rocket attacks on the south. The continued shooting at farm workers on the Israeli side. The kidnapping of soldiers on our side of the fence, the smuggling of arms from Egypt. The attacks that were attempted. The attacks that happened… I still remember a young Gazan girl who as a small child got burned while playing in the kitchen… hot oil spilled onto her burning and scaring her over a large part of her body. I know how she used to leave the strip and travel to Beer Sheva to the children’s hospital for treatments. And I remember the day that one of the IDF guards noticed something wrong with her, the way she acted. The way she was dressed. The nervous twitch etc……. they cleared the room and made her remove here sweater which hid a bomb vest that was destined to explode in that children’s ward. It was going to kill the doctors and nurses that had been treating her for all those years. It was aimed at people who treated her not only with medicines but respect and love….. And I remember the rage of her face as she was stopped form performing her task as the players of deaths music had demanded of her. I’ve seen them use the honor method. Talking a fallen woman and telling her “either go out killing Israelis or we will stone you in the city center for all to see and shame your parents for all time” and I have seen them use the weak of mind telling them “you will sit next to Allah and live like a king”. I also see they still use children and women to shield their shooters and act like human sandbags when it comes to an open firefight, I see how they use hospitals, schools and mosques as weapons dumps. I hear them yell that we destroyed their mosques with our bombs and that we are at war with Islam due to the fact of this attack , but then I know and so do the rest who have the brains to think. That the attack on Islam is from Hamas, as it is against all laws to use a place of worship as a place of war, to store these weapons turned a holy place into a target… The use of schools as launching pads for rockets, the use of UN and Red Crescent ambulances as armored personnel carriers using whole families to protect the arms stored under their homes. The mining of homes, schools, and other places with the hopes of killing the IDF troops. Just think of the surprise you would get waking up in the morning to get your paper and seeing how the members of that so called elected party Hamas had wired up your home, school, store or anything else without your knowledge, think what a surprise it would have been to you and yours along with the Israelis it would kill! Then go change your pants when you see they used hundreds of pounds of explosives on your house alone, and thousands more on the surrounding homes as well. How is it during the lulls in fighting? When Israel opened the gates to let in humanitarian aid did Hamas use this time to launch more and more rockets at Israel? Why wait? Why not just shoot and forget it or is it easier for Hamas to take advantage of Israeli kindness and humanity to make such a move? Why did the band play loudest during the lulls and cease fires? Why not just cease fire? The music is still playing in Gaza. The tunnels are re opened and the arms are flowing in for the next dance. Why do the people of Gaza continue to dance the dance of death? I’m sure it isn’t that they are true music lovers. Hamas kills off those that play happy songs… Hamas kills the joy of living in Gaza. They will kill the bride and groom at a wedding party if the music isn’t what Hamas wants to hear. It’s not as if the crowd is screaming “Free bird” at a Skynard concert Now the fighting is over as they say, Hamas claimed a great victory….. I laugh at this because Hamas’s band played their song of death from protected shelters while the dancers died on the streets. Many of the captured said that if a vote was held today, even with the death threats of “Vote for us or die” would not be listened to…. Hamas has as stated in the press “retaken control of Gaza” and they have taken control of all relief efforts meaning that they are now taking relief supplies from the UN and the others that donated it to the civilians of the strip and passing it out after they skim off the cream for themselves, same as they did during the conflict. Leaving their people to want and need for more. The music keeps playing. The people keep suffering, the PA sits in fear of trying anything after being knee capped and/or executed. The band won’t change its tune and the children are lining up to be in the dance contest to see who gets to die first.


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At Arab Gathering on Development, the Talk Is All About Gaza

A Buddy of mine working in the “sandbox” sent me this……
I felt that since he has been in the ME for a few years that he is now getting a feel for the true pulse of the area.
January 22, 2009
At Arab Gathering on Development, the Talk Is All About Gaza
New York Times
KUWAIT — Two and a half years ago, a group of Arab leaders decided it was time to try to set aside their political differences and deal with what was ailing their countries: widespread illiteracy, ineffective schools, unemployment, inadequate water and food resources.
So they called for an extraordinary summit meeting to be held in Kuwait City this week. The plan was for the 22 members of the Arab League to agree on concrete ways to improve the lives of their 330 million citizens. Instead, they bickered over how to handle the Gaza crisis.
At nearly every turn, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict remains an obstacle to development in the Middle East. It inflames public emotions, serves as a convenient distraction for leaders unable or unwilling to reform their nations and is a tool in the hands of those seeking to promote their own regional standing, often at the expense of the Palestinians.
“The Arab-Israeli conflict reinforces the puritanical, radical, traditional and also the authoritarian because everyone holds onto what they have and there is no third way,” said Shafeeq Ghabra, a political science professor at Kuwait University. “Basically, this is a region stuck in time, stuck in space and in history and in conflict.”
When the presidents, kings and emirs arrived in Kuwait, they were scheduled to discuss regional cooperation to improve education, ease trade and travel barriers, improve food security and lift their citizens out of poverty. But they were barely talking to one another because of differences over how to deal with Israel’s offensive in Gaza.
“Yes, milit ary occupation is a serious matter that needs to be addressed,” said Amr Moussa, the secretary general of the Arab League. “But backwardness in our societies needs to be taken care of.”
There was a suffocating sense of despair hanging over the Kuwait meeting as the Gaza crisis eclipsed every other issue.
“The Arab ship is sinking,” Mr. Moussa said on the first day of the conference.
The Arab world has been in the same self-defeating fight for decades. In 1975 the Arab League took out an advertisement in The New York Times to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The headline said, “Political, economic and social unity in action.” The text said solving the Palestinian crisis was the group’s “first priority.”
But that headline was as much an illusion then as the headlines declaring that Arab leaders had reconciled their differences after the20first day of the conference. The flash point has not always been Israel. But the victim has always been a unified effort to improve regional economic and social development.
Arab leaders certainly have the ability to improve conditions at home, even amid the feuding. In that way, the Palestinian cause can become a useful distraction for authoritarian rulers reluctant to make changes that risk instability, or that might strengthen regional competitors.
The need for regional cooperation rests on data. Prime Minister Fouad Siniora of Lebanon said that the Arab states would need to create 50 million jobs in the next 20 years simply to keep unemployment at current levels. He said Arab universities were collapsing and scientific research was almost nonexistent.
By many measures, the Arab world is slipping further and further behind in its ability to compete globally. Perhaps the single greatest drag on the region, one that afflicts wealthy Persian Gulf states as well as poorer countries like Egypt, is the quality of schools. International trends in math and science among fourth- and eighth-grade students show that in math, for example, among fourth-graders, the bottom four nations out of 36 were Tunisia, Kuwait, Qatar and20Yemen. In science, eighth-grade students in Qatar placed second to last.
Since the 1940s, Arab leaders have been promising the creation of an economic union along the lines of what the Europeans have achieved. They have repeatedly said that Arabs should invest in and trade with Arabs first.
They were still talking about that this week.
In Kuwait, there were complaints that the region had failed to coordinate its electric grids, transportation systems and customs regulations. But the Palestinian issue so consumed the meeting they barely had the chance to discuss such matters.
“We have to be aware as Arabs that the absence of an Arab solution to the Palestinian issue also means the absence of continuous progress, major development, sustainable growth and agreement within our Arab world,” Mr. Siniora said at a conference in Kuwait before the summit meeting.
While no one was arguing that the Arab states should stop fighting for a Palestinian homeland, the summit meeting’s participants virtually begge d leaders to separate political differences from common economic needs. Many speakers at the conference had said that economic, social and human development could only help bolster the region’s position in its confrontation with Israel. But no one actually offered a compromise on how to overcome those differences.
The sense of urgency in addressing the developmental issues has been compounded by the economic crisis. At the opening of the summit meeting, officials said that Arab countries had so far lost about $2.5 trillion, and that 60 percent of the development projects in the oil-rich gulf had been postponed or canceled.
There is no one who would argue that resolving the Palestinian issue would suddenly produce a united Arab world. But the issue continues to play havoc with agendas and expose hypocrisies.
“We have written many times, ‘If Hezbollah loves the Palestinians so much they want to fight Israel, why can’t they fight to give the Palestinians human rights in L ebanon?’ ” said Mohammad al-Rumaihi, a newspaper editor in Kuwait. But pressure over the issue is relentless.
“The masses,” he said, “their hearts are with the Palestinians.”



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They are all over the place……..

The Nutters have come out of the woodwork!

Looks like the asylums doors were swung open on the public the last few days cause the crayon brandishing cut and paste crowd are out in force!

Seems that every sycophant miscreant neo Nazi terrorist loving fool with access to the internet has posted what they call blogs  ,,

Well I’ll just laugh my ass off.

Mostly I’ll laugh art those that quote Iranian press releases and Hamas statements as fact.  This is some funny stuff.

I love how the Iranians are now admitting there was a holocaust against the Jews during WWII where just a short while ago they were demanding that it was fiction!

I love how the chicken shits who call themselves the leaders of Hamas came out of their protected shelters to declare VICTORY over Israel even though they lost most of what they controlled including the Palestinian popular vote!

The next groups who get a face full of laughter are the Boycott brigade! These simple minded ass klowns   have neither the backbone nor the knowledge to perform the boycott they demand of everyone else, 

I’m also amazed at the lack of truth to their lists of companies they want to boycott…  the one that sticks out the most with me since I’m a lover of her products is “SARAH LEE” (When in the states she is on my plates) this company whom we might blame for our expanding waistlines does no business in or with israel.

So why are they on the boycott list?

And why are so many companies that do business with Israel not on the list?  Is it because the list makers don’t want to stop driving their cars? Motorcycles? Mopeds?

Is it because those Jeans they just bought are also big sellers here?

 These guys need to either step up to the plate or just fuck off the game cause no matter what they say they will never carry it out.


The next group is the Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bad Jews. You hit back group!

You don’t get a laugh you get a kick in the head for being so stupid that you give your parents a headache every time you walk into the room with that pointed hat on!

The next ones are the guys that act as if they know everything about the military yet have never ever served due to the fact they either can’t due to medical/mental reasons or they are just plain CS’rs who won’t leave moms basement except to head off to chucky cheese’s for the special.

All the Gaza experts that have never been in the city let alone out of their own who try to tell everyone how it should be fair and balanced? LOL you know nothing of it, nothing at all

UNICEF funds schools in Gaza that teach children the art of war, not life skills… Hamas runs camps where the game is KILL the JEW!! And has classes in RPG 101 and IED 202…   But you only scream at us JEWS for defending ourselves…..  You don’t condemn Hamas for turning their city into one big arms dump! You don’t condemn HAMAs for letting the farms that Israel left them to go fallow…

You are  the simplest of them all the one brain cell nit wits that flood the internet with stupidity and hate for no reason  except it might get you a shot at that freaky chick down the hall that hasn’t shaved her legs in 18 years but then you so horny you couldn’t care, most of you are the same type to protest for PETA then head off to McDeaths for a grease burger

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UN Can’t complain since they Hired Terrorists to work there in the first place

what ever happened to  that “NO MOONLIGHTING” rule in most companies?

well you might think the UN would have this policy in place  but it’s too late now!,2933,479940,00.html


Feel free to spew on this one

U.N. Agency That Runs School Hit in Gaza Employed Hamas and Islamic Jihad Members

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

By Joel Mowbray


The United Nations agency that administers a school in Gaza where dozens of civilians were killed by Israeli mortar fire last week has admitted to employing terrorists to work at its Palestinian schools in the past, has no system in place to keep members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad off its payroll, and provides textbooks to children that contain hate speech and other incendiary information.

A growing chorus of critics has taken aim at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in recent years, although momentum on Capitol Hill has been slow. But last week’s incident, which Israel maintains was prompted by Hamas operatives firing mortars at Israelis from a location near the school, has prompted some lawmakers to scrutinize the U.N. agency.

Rep. Steve Rothman, D-N.J., introduced a resolution in the fall calling for greater transparency and accountability at UNRWA. The bill called on the agency to make its textbooks available on the Internet for public inspection and to implement “terrorist name recognition software and other screening procedures that would help to ensure that UNRWA staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries are neither terrorists themselves, nor affiliated with known terrorist organizations.”

Rothman said he plans to re-introduce his UNRWA resolution in the coming weeks because, “as timely as this bill was before, it is even more timely now. It is urgent that Congress can be assured that U.S. taxpayer money is not being spent to support Hamas and its murderous activities.”

A spokesman for UNRWA adamantly said that the agency is now free of terrorist connections. “We’re composed of social workers and teachers,” the official explained. “We take every step possible to have only civilians inside UNRWA facilities.”

But the U.N. Personal History form for UNRWA employees does not ask whether someone is a member of, or affiliated with, a terrorist organization such as Hamas or Islamic Jihad. And there is no formal screening to ensure that employees are not affiliated with terrorist entities.

Asked about this, the UNRWA spokesman replied, “Palestinian staff sign an undertaking confirming that they have no political affiliations whatsoever, and have not and will not participate in any activities that would violate the neutrality of the U.N.”

There is no formal enforcement, however, to monitor possible terrorist activities by employees after they sign the pledge at the time of hiring.

UNRWA official Chris Guinness told the Jerusalem Post this week that the agency screens names of new employees against the relatively small U.N. database of Taliban and Al Qaeda figures. Extremist Palestinians, however, are far more likely to belong to organizations, such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, that are not on that watch list.

In 2004, former UNRWA Commissioner-General Peter Hansen told the Canadian Broadcasting Company, “I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll and I don’t see that as a crime.” He added, “We do not do political vetting and exclude people from one persuasion as against another.”

There have been several high-profile examples of terrorists being employed by UNRWA. Former top Islamic Jihad rocket maker Awad Al-Qiq, who was killed in an Israeli air strike last May, was the headmaster and science instructor at an UNRWA school in Rafah, Gaza. Said Siyam, Hamas’ interior minister and head of the Executive Force, was a teacher for over two decades in UNRWA schools.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill say they are also concerned that terrorist propaganda is being taught in UNRWA schools. A notebook captured by Israeli officials at the UNRWA school in the Kalandia refugee camp several years ago glorified homicide bombers and other terrorists. Called “The Star Team,” it profiled so-called “martyrs,” Palestinians who had died either in homicide bombings or during armed struggle with Israel. On the book’s back cover was printed the UNRWA emblem, as well as a photo of a masked gunman taking aim while on one knee.

There is evidence that students educated in UNRWA schools are much more likely to become homicide bombers, said Jonathan Halevi, a former Israeli Defense Forces intelligence officer who specializes in Palestinian terrorist organizations. Halevi has spent several years building an extensive database for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs of terrorist attacks by Hamas and other Islamic extremist groups.

Though he cautioned that estimates are tricky because the identity of an attacker is not always made public, Halevi estimated that over 60 percent of homicide bombers were educated in UNRWA schools. By comparison, roughly 25-30 percent of Palestinian students in the West Bank, the origin of almost all homicide bombers since the start of the intifada in 2000, attend UNRWA schools, according to the agency’s figures.

A UNRWA spokesman strongly disputed any connection between the agency’s schools and a greater likelihood of terrorist activity later in life. As proof, he pointed to UNRWA’s “special efforts in our schools to teach tolerance, human rights and peaceful conflict resolution.”

UNRWA sent an eight-page brochure to that speaks about the group’s tolerance, human rights and peaceful conflict resolution curriculum. But it makes no mention of tolerance toward Jews or Christians or of peaceful coexistence with Israel. Rather, it is geared toward student interaction, the rights students should expect in society, and learning to express emotions through acting, painting, and storytelling.


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